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NNZ at Interpack 2017: "New storage system for improved quality of food, feed, pharma, chemicals."

Data: 19 kwietnia 2017

At the Interpack, held from 4 – 10 May 2017 in Dusseldorf, NNZ and VQM Packaging introduced a revolutionary ‘Powerguard’ storage system for improved quality of food, feed, pharma and chemicals.

The Powerguard packaging system is a simple method to pack commodities in high barrier liners under vacuum or hermetic conditions. This method is the perfect solution for protection and storage of dried food commodities like nuts, dehydrated fruit, powders, grain, coffee, rice, tea, cocao, herbs, you name it! Storing commodities with VQM & NNZ can stop oxidation and funghi development, kills all insects and preserves optimal moisture content, aromas, and flavor! Our customized food grade filter also enables the storage of ground coffee, milk powders and other powered substances. In this way optimal preservation conditions can be created, extending shelf-life and ensuring optimal protection.

Together with VQM we offer this proven technology consisting of a dome shaped patented two-way valve (by VQM) with a customized filter (by NNZ) to suit your requirements. The valve is operated by a low cost, simple and efficient mobile vacuumizing and flushing device (by VQM). NNZ offers product and market insights. Together we offer you quality and safety for guaranteed integrity in your food and seed supplychain. "This is too simple to be true" is a reaction we often get. Indeed, the principle of creating vacuum through a valve is simple. We can tell you all the hurdles we had to overcome to get to where we are now. But indeed, the basic idea is simple. That is also how we like to help our customers; keep solutions simple, effective and flexible. Our solution should always be very easy to integrate into your production process and/or logistics. Think smart and stay ahead!

Please be invited to visit our dedicated ‘Powerguard’ website www.nnz-filterbag.com or contact us directly by telephone to discuss with Alies Padding at +31(0)6 21 22 11 54


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