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NNZ’s ambitions to reduce carbon footprint

Our ambitions
NNZ wants to make the living environment of millions of people more beautiful, healthier and more attractive. Together we stand for beautiful, healthy, fair and sustainable plants, so anyone is able to bring green life into his surroundings. We do this by continuously improving the connections and interactions between stakeholders, making sustainability transparent for all.

Our policy
It is stated policy of the NNZ Group to reduce, its environmental impact, where practicable. It is the overall strategy of our Group to improve both operational performance and a reduction in potentially harmful emissions to land, water and air.

Our ultimate aim and methods to get there
NNZ’s ultimate aim is a carbon balance as low as possible for our company to be achieved. To achieve this NNZ will:

  • Comply with all current energy legislation, seeking to meet or compensate legislative targets,
  • Minimise waste, promote recycling, and the use of recycled products to help reduce the burden of landfill, and therefore methane generation,
  • Continue to promote and design energy efficient and therefore carbon reducing packaging materials and concepts on behalf of our partners,
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility amongst our own employees,
  • Will seek where practicable to continuously improve NNZ’s environmental performance,
  • Start preparation/investigation of using energy efficient and therefore carbon reducing installations and equipment throughout the whole Group,
  • Evaluate the potential benefits of home-working where practical,
  • Evaluate the potential benefits of carbon off-setting, such as tree planting and the use of solar energy,

Actions developed to date include:

  • Development of sustainable packaging concepts which reduces food waste:
    - A unique new apple packaging
    - Packaging enhances shelf life for tomatoes on the vine
    - Packaging film tailored to reduce greening and sprouting of potatoes
  • Membership of ‘Benefits of Nature’ for footprint calculations.
    NNZ has become an active member of the program Benefit of Nature. This allows us to evaluate the footprint of our products and impacts of new materials and logistics channels : http://www.benefitsofnature.eu/. A footprint is a way to quantify the impact of something on the environment. The footprint calculation of Benefits of Nature includes as many as 33 different factors. When the calculation is completed, the total environmental impact of the entire company is known, of all processes and all products. the structure of the footprint is visible: from each product can be viewed how much impact each material has. At all levels, is visible which causes the impact and where improvements are possible.
  • Sustainable/Environmental friendly Purchasing Policy,
  • Lean programs for the transport department to continuously improve our logistics efficiencies,
  • Compensation CO2 for flight mileages for the NNZ Group by planting trees. https://www.treesforall.nl/
  • Installing energy saving lighting in our offices and warehouse in Groningen and Rilland
  • Installation of solar panels at the headoffice in Groningen

This policy clearly identifies the responsibilities and procedures for achieving the Group’s stated objectives in all aspects of its activities leading to improved environmental performance, including reductions in both CO2, and methane emissions.

The Board of the NNZ Group

Mr. Len Boot, Mr. Hans Neu, Mr. Rob Abel


NNZ jest międzynarodową firmą należącą i zarządzaną przez rodzinę Boot od 1922 r. Pracownicy NNZ produkują dla klientów opakowania na świeże produkty rolne oraz na produkty przemysłowe.
W 1922 r. firma NNZ rozpoczęła od handlu torbami jutowymi z „Pakhuis Libau” w Groningen (Holandia) co zapoczątkowało rodzinną działalności z ambicjami międzynarodowymi.
Obecnie firma NNZ jest organizacją zatrudniającą ponad 250 pracowników i obsługującą klientów poprzez swoje oddziały w Austrii, krajach Beneluxu, Kanadzie, Danii, Norwegii, Niemczech, we Włoszech, w Polsce, na ‎‎Łotwie, Litwie, w Estonii, RPA, Wielkiej Brytanii i USA.
Firma NNZ ściśle współpracuje z partnerami z 40 krajów i oferuje opakowania dla klientów z całego świata.