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NNZ at the Fruit Logistica 2019: "A tasty choice of produce packaging"

Data: 18 lutego 2019

At the Fruit Logistica, held 6-8 February 2018 in Berlin, Germany, NNZ treated its visitors with a tasty choice of produce packaging and the ‘Flammkuchen’ prepared by our Chef. We enjoyed meeting our customers, suppliers and colleagues again at this annual event: ‘ Together is better!’

On the shelfs we displayed our portfolio of packaging sold in the NNZ locations. In our showcase in the front of the stand we showed our latest introductions and all received interest from customers worldwide:

  • Carry-Box, our innovative cardboard bag with film windows for retail packaging of meal ingredients for Curry, Lasagna, Tomato soup etc. The product has been introduced at the Jumbo in the Netherlands . We successfully introduced two new concept: our ‘Taste Trail’ mealkit and our ‘ Petit Chef’ kit for kids. Both made from cardboard. Mealkits are definitely here to stay and serve the customer in search of authentic recipes and a convenient all in 1 pack containing fresh produce.

  • Square shake, the perfect alternative to the shaker commonly used to sell snack fresh produce. It has a temper evident closure, a two-part lid for dosing, an in-mold label for perfect graphics and a square design to fit 16 pieces in a crate opposed to 12 for the standard shaker.

  • Bio Paper-Vento®, a sustainable, next generation of Paper-Vento® which is 100% compostable, biodegradable and recyclable, also using water based inks. The product on display is commercialized in the Netherlands.

  • Kiwi-set and the Apple-Set, a fully recyclable and mono material cardboard tray which can hold and protect vulnerable fresh produce such as apples and ready to eat kiwi’s, mango’s pomegranate, avocado’s etc.

Please be invited to watch our video for an impression of the ‘chemistry’ between the attendants in our booth and to experience our tasty choice of our products on display.

Interested in one of our products? Please contact your nearest NNZ office.


NNZ jest międzynarodową firmą należącą i zarządzaną przez rodzinę Boot od 1922 r. Pracownicy NNZ produkują dla klientów opakowania na świeże produkty rolne oraz na produkty przemysłowe.
W 1922 r. firma NNZ rozpoczęła od handlu torbami jutowymi z „Pakhuis Libau” w Groningen (Holandia) co zapoczątkowało rodzinną działalności z ambicjami międzynarodowymi.
Obecnie firma NNZ jest organizacją zatrudniającą ponad 250 pracowników i obsługującą klientów poprzez swoje oddziały w Austrii, krajach Beneluxu, Kanadzie, Danii, Norwegii, Niemczech, we Włoszech, w Polsce, na ‎‎Łotwie, Litwie, w Estonii, RPA, Wielkiej Brytanii i USA.
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